a zombie for ken

if you guys don’t know ken, he is a pretty fantastic guy. an interactive superhero (technical term) by day, in his spare time he is a woodworker and photographer and then finds time to hang with his gorgeous offspring. i try not to think about all of ken’s accomplishments too much.

he is also a wonderful friend who created this fabulous site that you are now perusing. that’s right folks, he also brings cakes to the masses.

his wife cheryl is pretty awesome too. when ken would not tell me what cake i could make for him, cheryl and i started talking. she noted that he liked various NY sports teams, woodworking as mentioned above and The Walking Dead.

hold. the. phone.

though cheryl and i were in total agreement on an i heart daryl dixon cake, we thought that ken might not appreciate that.

so we settled for the most disgusting zombie that carrot + cream could stomach. he just ate.

zombie 1

zombie 3

thank you so much for everything ken!

must start planning daryl cake for cheryl’s birthday…

cheers, k

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