rohan turns 1: darjeeling limited

it has been a week of really fun requests. one of the things i really love about cake making is that one day i am delving into the finer points of abe lincoln‘s facial structure, and the next i am figuring out how to make a wes anderson movie fit into the carrot + cream aesthetic.

i knew i liked these folks when they said: the theme of our son’s first birthday is our son doesn’t really have any favorite thing but we really like wes anderson movies.

when i was first heard the wes anderson request, i was a bit daunted. i am a big wes fan, but the look is very specific. we decided on darjeeling limited based on the family’s indian heritage, and i couldn’t be happier with the fun concept that we came up with together.

darjeeling limites/wes anderson fondant trains

darjeeling limites/wes anderson train cupcakes

darjeeling limites/wes anderson indian elephant cake

darjeeling limites/wes anderson indian elephant cake + train cupcakes

happy birthday rohan!



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