max turns 1: animals on parade

for our little guy’s first birthday, we wanted a simple party with close friends and family. i wanted something to draw everything together stylistically, but since max can’t really tell us what he likes we didn’t want it to be too theme-y. but let’s be honest, surviving the first year is a big deal, so we wanted a bit of a shindig.

i happened upon this adorable animal cake from oh happy day. perfect. and if you don’t read her blog, you should.

max cake

we think max liked the cake. CAKEFACE NOM NOM NOM.

i wanted cute pics of friends and family, so a punchy backdrop was a must. easy guys, truly.

animal party 2

animal party 3

everyone masks

grandparents and max

katie and max

and the carrot cake with blueberry animal cracker ice cream (recipe now here!) may or may not have been breakfast the next morning. i’m not telling.

animal party 4

xxx – k

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