happy thanksgiving!

words cannot express how thankful i am for the past year of my life. i am so lucky to have an amazing family, a healthy and nutty little boy, and an incredibly supportive and loving husband that has allowed me to explore this new crazy passion of mine.

i don’t often get the opportunity to bake for my family, because i’m usually just baked out when it gets to that point and we order some takeout and call it a day.

but for thanksgiving i wanted to make something special for everyone.

i had seen this awesome chocolate/peanut butter cake and really wanted to give it a shot.

give thanks 2

i love this pic because i usually go for a really clean look when shooting my cakes, but thought max’s thanksgiving art was the perfect backdrop for this one.


give thanks 3

and oh man, it was so so good. maybe my favorite recipe yet. definitely give it a try!

give thanks 4


happy thanksgiving friends! from me and mine to you and yours :)

cheers, k

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