a big naked birthday

my dear friend katherine turned 30 recently and i have to share what her husband wrote to me as i was searching for inspiration for her cake:

I would encourage you to go nuts with the design and do whatever you feel like. K likes owls and red wine and handmade wreaths and the beach and jewish men and good books and dogs and helping people.

for real, how sweet is that? i feel like my husband would describe me accurately as follows: she eats a lot of cake, ice cream and pasta and is very passionate about anything HBO and comfortable pants. the end.

in all seriousness though, katherine is so impressive. some of the above may be tongue in cheek, but there is no jest in the helping people part. katherine is a crusader, plain and simple, and i am so proud to call her my friend.

 while i did briefly entertain the idea of squishing all of that amazingness into one cake, i think i will save that list and cover off on one every once in awhile. really can’t wait for the jewish men cake. stay tuned.

she also has it together in a way that i imagine i never will, so i thought it funny to give her a naked cake.

naked cake 3

we also talked about the lovely autumnal decor of her home at the time of this shindig, so i thought this fit nicely, and maybe even covered off on homemade wreath?

a sweet carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, accompanied by vanilla blackberry cupcakes with vanilla bourbon frosting.

naked cake 1

happy birthday friend – this is 30 :)

cheers, k

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