congratulations ellen + channing!

being pretty new to what i do (but loving every minute of it), i was a bit overwhelmed when my best friend ellen asked me to do her wedding cake(s).

but here’s the thing – ellen has done so much for me over the years that i owe her approximately 547684366485435 wedding cakes. so there was no chickening out.

one of the wonderful things about ellen is that she is incredibly supportive and truly makes you feel like you can take on anything. her direction: i really don’t even want to pick flavors. you know what everything else looks like, just do what you want. it will be amazing.


i did eventually make her pick flavors though.



i loved candying the rose petals for this – the effect was amazing and i learned a lot. for instance, it is very hard to come by unsprayed (edible) roses and is a very good idea to have a very giving friend julia that will give you all of her roses to de-petal.




i also candied petals secured at the farmers market, a bit easier to come by. i really loved the floral sugary goodness of these.



and here is the whole group together. we ended up with chocolate/chocolate, earl grey/lemon and carrot/cream cheese.


dorktown posing with my cakes…also looking a bit rumpled after a few celebratory congrats to e + c/i’m finished with cakes! cocktails, hmmm…

love you the most ellen + channing – thank you so much for including me in such a special day!

cheers, k

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