happy birthday nell!

i am very much in love with this fairy toadstool themed cake, if i can be so immodest. nell was turning two, and her mom reached out with the most adorable invitation for inspiration. nell’s mama and ... more please

grady turns 3: cars!

my friend kristen has the sweetest little son named grady and he loves the movie cars, specifically lightning mcqueen. we decided on vanilla with chocolate frosting, which was perfect since upon googling ... more please


oh man, this cake. when ashley contacted me about a sloth cake for her best friend kristin’s 30th birthday, i could barely contain myself. it was kind of like this. clearly i am not the only one with ... more please

avery turns 1: under the sea

happy tuesday everyone! i am so excited to share a project from this past weekend. i have been looking forward to this one since receiving the invitation for sweet avery’s first birthday party back ... more please

a zombie for ken

if you guys don’t know ken, he is a pretty fantastic guy. an interactive superhero (technical term) by day, in his spare time he is a woodworker and photographer and then finds time to hang with his ... more please

a big naked birthday

my dear friend katherine turned 30 recently and i have to share what her husband wrote to me as i was searching for inspiration for her cake: I would encourage you to go nuts with the design and do ... more please

eddie turns 4: dinorific

eddie wanted a dinosaur cake and he wanted it mean. i tried to sell him on some cute little animal face style cakes and he wasn’t having it. mean. eddie’s mom and i worked together to select ... more please

a cake for a couple

a joint birthday cake for hailey and her husband tim. with close birthdays, they always celebrate together. how cute is that? we had to find a color palette that worked for a unisex cake. i hope tim ... more please

levi to the rescue

how fun is this? beej and darcy planned a superhero themed 2nd birthday party for their son levi, and were kind enough to let me create the cake – a cityscape complete with super levi flying high in ... more please

alice turn 1: monster mash

meet george, the most fearsome blueberry monster that ever lived. happy first birthday alice! thanks so much to mom meghan for planning an awesome monster themed party and including me in the celebration. ... more please

lavender rosewater for sarah

can we talk about friends for a moment? sarah came into my life at a moment when i needed a good friend very badly. and since then she has been a constant support. we are now new-ish moms together and i am ... more please