happy birthday claire!

happiest of birthdays to claire, who loves dogs, particularly her own golden doodle. for those in the northeast, you’ll understand why this puppy pawty didn’t quite come to fruition this past ... more please

a cake for a man, baby!

    let’s just say that while i wholeheartedly embrace the carrot + cream aesthetic, i struggle a bit with cakes for adult men, who might not appreciate cuddly animals, various flower ... more please

a very serious doodle

i loved creating this grooms cake at amanda’s request for her husband! aren’t doodles the funniest? a progress shot, looking a bit poodle-y… congratulations sweet couple! cheers, k more please

happy birthday ashley!

my pregnant pal ashley was ready for a birthday cake. she saw this naked cake and had to have one for herself, complete with hashtag #preggohappy. because there is no one that cake makes happier than ... more please

happy birthday boomer!

my friend boomer has two funny little pups – monty, a cavalier king charles spaniel and hayden, a yellow lab. hayden is fun-loving and goofy and monty is a bit more of a thinking man, ever skeptical. ... more please

happy birthday max!

it is very hard to believe that this little person came into the world two years ago. at times it feels like he has been here always and at other times it seems like no time has passed at all since the day ... more please