a presidential birthday

oh man, the requests i get sometimes. people are just so clever and then i get excited, and then nervous to bring their cool idea to life. but this one, i just can’t.

cora is turning 7 and she loves all things presidential. her mom talked to me about making an abe lincoln cake. later in the week, cora checked back in with mom “to make sure that she was NOT getting a princess cake,” because she really, really, did not want a princess cake. i love her.

so after studying many abe pictures, i thought abe’s hairline was very important, but he of course needed a hat. i decided on a removable hat for the best of both worlds.

 the hat:

abe lincoln hat cake prop

abe au naturel:

abraham lincoln cake


abe with hat:

abraham lincoln cake

paper flags to mark the occasion:

abraham lincoln cake paper flags

abraham lincoln cake

abraham lincoln cake

finally, hat removal pre candle lighting:

abraham lincoln cake

i hope you had a fantastic birthday sweet cora!



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